2023 Workshop Presentations

Roca’s Intervention Model
Kurtis Palermo, Andrea Harrison, and Tyrone Kent

Roca is a 35 year-old, internationally recognized community violence intervention (CVI) agency operating in Baltimore since 2018. We move the needle on urban violence by relentlessly engaging the young people most likely to shoot or be shot and teach them behavioral health skills that save lives. Roca’s four-year Intervention Model features relentless outreach to young people; building transformational relationships; a portable and relatable version of cognitive behavioral theory (CBT) to address trauma; and opportunities to practice skills through trauma-informed employment, education, and life skills programming.

The Role of Higher Education in Combating Poverty
Mike Lovell, PhD, Mark A. Mone, PhD, and Jennifer Harris

Higher education has played an important role in the economic empowerment of individuals and communities. In this panel, Marquette University President Mike Lovell and UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone discuss the role of higher education in combating poverty. In addition to the research and community partnerships that both institutions have fostered, UWM and Marquette are instrumental in providing access to higher education degrees for students from underrepresented groups.

The Cost of Poverty Climatal Justice
Montre Moore

Explore the profound intersection of poverty and environmental justice in “The Cost of Poverty: Climatal Justice” presented by Montre Moore at the 2023 Summit on Poverty Workshop. In this compelling discussion, Montre Moore delves into the critical importance of addressing environmental issues to combat poverty effectively. Key Topics Covered: Impact of air and water quality on impoverished communities. The crucial connection between climate justice and socioeconomic disparities. The role of education and accountability in driving positive change. Challenges in transitioning away from fossil fuels and their impact on vulnerable communities. Disparities in rates and accessibility to clean utilities and their consequences. Dive into an insightful conversation that sheds light on the hidden costs of poverty and the urgent need for climatal justice. Join Montre Moore in exploring actionable solutions and fostering a collective commitment to building a more sustainable and equitable future.

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