We wish to thank everyone who attended the 2023 Summit on Povery, including our keynotes, workshop presenters, artists, poets and interpreters – for an unforgettable experience. We commemorated 60 Years of Fighting Poverty and work towards a future of equality and opportunity.

Our Mission:
For six decades, we have been unwavering in our efforts to understand the complexities of poverty. Now, at this crucial juncture, we come together to examine our progress and chart a path toward innovative solutions that break the persistent grip of poverty on humanity.

The power of the Summit lies in bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise. Community members, business leaders, healthcare professionals, academics, advocates, human service providers, and changemakers from around the world will converge to ignite a dialogue that propels us forward. This extraordinary event goes beyond superficial discussions of poverty’s symptoms. Instead, we confront the barriers that hinder success—policies, systems, and structures that perpetuate inequality. Through rigorous research, advocacy, and community engagement, we strive to dismantle these obstacles and forge a more equitable society.

Our focus extends beyond isolated interventions; we strive for systemic change. By scrutinizing national, regional, and local systems that shape policies, we empower ourselves to collectively transform our response to poverty. Addressing the structural underpinnings of societal imbalance, we ignite transformative and impactful change. As we convene, we celebrate the diverse perspectives and experiences that have shaped our understanding of poverty over the past 60 years. It is through the convergence of these voices that we will pave the way for a future where poverty is no longer a burden for individuals and communities.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to be part of a historic summit that sets the course for the next chapter in our fight against poverty. Stay tuned for our next Summit on Poverty and how you can join the momentum.


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Erika Alexander

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Dr. Michael Benitez

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Dr. Stacey Patton

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Jason Wilson


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James Sokolowski

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Darlin Nikki Jansen

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Gat Turner

2023 Summit on Poverty Keynote Speakers

The Summit on Poverty conference will feature a variety of dynamic speakers. We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers below!

Erika Alexander is an actress, trailblazing activist, entrepreneur, creator, producer, director and one of the country’s boldest, most daring, and powerful voices. Recognizing the power of storytelling, Erika believes that though content must be entertaining, stories have tremendous capacity to create impact and meaningful social change.

Michael Benitez, Jr., PhD is a nationally acclaimed scholar practitioner and educator in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education. Dr. Benitez is known for his down-to-earth, insightful commentary, and critical perspectives on social and cultural issues, ranging from leadership and identity development, intersectionality, race and ethnicity, postcolonial thought, knowledge production, and critical pedagogy and practice in higher education.

Stacey Patton, PhD is an award-winning author and journalist who writes about race, politics, popular culture, child welfare issues, diversity in media, and higher education. Through her workshops, keynote addresses, and multi-media presentations, Dr. Patton blends the power of her personal narrative with her expert knowledge of the history of American race relations.

Jason Wilson is the founder and CEO of The Yunion (pronounced union), a non-profit organization in Detroit, Michigan. Since 2003, The Yunion has effectively reached more than 17,000 youth through innovative prevention programming. In 2008, Mr. Wilson’s heart for misguided black boys inspired him to create and direct the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy (CATTA).

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